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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gangster girls on the Cape Flats

The thing that I always liked about the Cape Flats is that we have absolutely no discrimination here.  Everyone is treated exactly the same, no matter who you are.   Blacks, Whites and foreigners all live here on the Cape Flats amongst us.  All of them are treated exactly the same as all other indigens to the area.  They will never be discriminated against and they are never attacked based on the fact that they are not from here.

The Cape Flats is - unfortunately - mostly known for its gang violence.  Gangs on the Cape Flats is but one part of our culture. The media, though, makes it seem as if it is the ONLY part of our culture.

Tiffany is NOT a gangster girl

It is not so.  Individuals from the Cape Flats have made a huge contribution towards the culture of South Africa as a whole - on all levels.  People from the Cape Flats have also played a crucial role during the struggle against Apartheid.

Amina is NOT a gangster girl

But to come back to my point of non-discrimination; the Cape Flats have many prominent female gangsters.  They have to go through the exact same rituals as their male counterparts to become a recognized gang-member. 

These female gangsters are NOT less violent than the males.  Read this article here.

Sandy is NOT a gangster girl

Like I said so many times before; the Cape Flats is one of the most interesting places on the planet.  One only realizes it when one travels around and compare it with other places. 

There is never one boring moment on the Cape Flats, because something interesting is ALWAYS happening...

Mary-ann is NOT a gangster girl


  1. how do i get to know these girls?

  2. im from manenberg,and i would like to get in contact with any1 of these 4 lovely ladys

  3. your eyes, bra, they are all around you - especially in Manenberg. These are ordinary girls who sent me their photos. I received a lot from Manenberg but are too scared to publish them. These Manenberg girls are not shy, bra, not shy at all.

  4. André is rite man ! Im a White boy who grew up in Lansdowne and my mense used to take me to manenburg and allover the Cape flats , the Cape flats Has some of the most beaufitul girls in the world! I live in the u.k now and girls here dont compare to manenburg girls!

  5. Tiff is kak oulik